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Time for a New Career !

Dear Prospective Dental Assistant,

It is time for a new career! Just read what some of our students are saying about the Texas Academy of Dental Assisting curriculum.

“You provided a tremendous amount of educational opportunities through the internship program. They even helped me with job leads after I graduated!” Rebecca Read, Dental Assistant

“I attended the school because I wanted local training in a field that was rewarding both personally and financially. I am happy to say that I obtained a good job immediately following graduation. The whole experience was very positive and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding profession.” Amanda Fernow, Dental Assistant

“I was thrilled with the outcome of completing my training. The training was great and mostly hands on, rather than just information from a book. It was an awesome program that was definitely worth every penny that I paid for it. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am so happy I chose this program!” Kayce Beauchesne, Dental Assistant

All you need to do is contact Texas Academy of Dental Assisting via  Email us today!  We are happy to help.

Dr. Richard McDonald