Dental Assistant Opportunity in this Growing Field. Grab a Seat before Class is Full!

Dental Assistant Opportunity to start a Great New Job

This Dental Assistant opportunity will lead you to a recession-proof job. We offer this dental assisting course that finishes in just a few weeks plus hands-on training in our state-of-the-art dental facilities. Many of our dental assisting graduates have successfully qualified when they Click for Financial Aid. Our program is one of the best in the entire Texas area and many have Jobs Before Graduation.

Dental Assistant opportunity

Let’s give a huge SHOUT OUT to graduate student Hannah D. She attended our program at Texas Academy of Dental Assisting and secured a job as an RDA for a general dentist in the Fort Worth area shortly after graduating. We are so proud of you Hannah! Keep reaching for the stars.

Texas Academy of Dental Assisting could not be more proud of graduate student Damar F. She accomplished her goal! Before attending our program she was working in retail and now she is an RDA (Registered Dental Assisting) for a general dental office in Keller, TX. They are so lucky to have you, Damar!

Want to be a dental assistant new graduate from the best dental assistant training program and begin a recession-proof career? This is an exciting job opportunity for dental assisting graduates in a growing industry. Take advantage of this chance to have a great Dental Assistant salary and get a spot in our next class while there is still room… Email, call us at (817) 291-8078 or contact us today!

Dr. Richard McDonald