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Dental Assistant Program for an Advanced Career

When we have fun learning – we never forget it! At Texas Academy of Dental Assisting School we teach, show, and give you hands-on practice for the different dental procedures in our dental assistant program. Many of our students find new jobs before they graduate!

dental assistant program

We want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to graduate student Hailey Brown. We are beyond proud to announce Hailey secured a RDA-registered dental assistant position with a general dental office in Denton, TX. They are lucky to have her in their office! Congratulations Hailey, we are so proud.

A celebration is in order for dental assistant program graduate student Megan Moreno. She used to work as a processor at a distribution center and was looking for something different. Megan was hired as a dental assistant for a general office in Dallas, TX. Congratulations Megan. Here’s to a bright new future!

Texas Academy of Dental Assisting is delighted for graduate student Grace-Ann Friscia. She worked in security before attending our school. We are thrilled to share she has landed a new career! She is working as a dental assistant for a general office in Fort Worth, Texas. Our whole team is celebrating her accomplishment. Congratulations Grace-Ann!!!

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Dr. Richard McDonald